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Spring Swimwear 2014

As Spring is approaching, I have been on a look out for an extremely cute bikini to wear! Swimsuits can sometimes be a tricky thing to find not only because it’s important to get one that’s flattering, but also because there are so many beautiful and unique designs that it’s hard to pick which one to buy. However, as I have been researching the top bathing suit trends, I have been able to narrow down my choices to a few designs. Here they are:

Crochet bathing suits were very popular about 30 years ago but have made an immense comeback for Spring of 2014! Not only do I love the fact that these create a bohemian look but they also add intricate detail, making your swimwear look unique and elegant. In my opinion the cutest crochet suits are made by Free People (, Lucky Brand (lucky, Threadsence (, and Anna Kosturova (





Anything bustier is considered trendy for 2014! Because bustiers are made to show off cleavage, it is extremely important to not reveal too much. Bustiers, if showing a lot of cleavage, can tend to look cheap and trashy. So, if you do decide to purchase this trend, make sure it is still classy looking.
This season, the most popular cut of bustier bikini tops are those cut a bit longer in the torso, similar to a crop top. A longer bustier is more figure flattering because it cinches in the waist and is also very versatile. These tops can be worn with anything ranging from a cute pair of denim shorts to a mini skirt. Below, I have selected the most gorgeous and flattering bustier swimwear. If you fell in love with this trend, make sure to check out the following websites:,, Macy’,,,




The fringe bikini look is one of the most popular trends for spring of 2014. L*Space Swimwear, the company that made this fashion trend so hot, is introducing new prints, colors, and designs this season!





Anything Flattering
Just like it’s always been, finding a suit that’s flattering to the figure is number one. This may seem like a hard task to some but with the tips I’m about to give you will be guided to the perfect suit for your figure! The key is to play up your assets and play down your weaknesses.

Pear body shape:
Because your lower body is wider than your upper body, pick a suit that emphasizes your waist and arms, adds volume to your shoulders and upper body, and minimizes your hips. In order to achieve this look, wear a suit that features a ruffled top. Ruffles help to add volume to the bust making it look visually larger. In effect, your body will look in proportion. For a cute selection of ruffle tops check out L*Space Swimwear!

Top Heavy:
If you happen to be top heavy, choose a suit that draws the attention away from the chest. Avoid wearing tops that draw attention to your top half such as ruffles, bustiers, plunging V-necks, or padding of any type. Instead, try to accentuate your bottom half by choosing a ruffled bottom (NOT A TOP!). Again, ruffles make things look visually bigger and will will balance out your chest with your bottom. For support, try a halter top because it offers more support.

Short Legs:
Unfortunately, I have this issue with my body. However, because I experience this myself, over the years I have learned how to make my torso appear in proportion with my legs. I suggest wearing a printed bikini top with a block colored bottom. This helps to draw the attention upwards rather than at the legs. Be sure to choose high cut bikini bottoms to elongate the legs!

If you want to accentuate curves, lean towards a ruffled or bustier suit! Either of these suits will give you just the right amount of cleavage while also adding attention to the hips.

Alex And Ani: Christmas Present #2

For Christmas, my brother gave me a bracelet by Alex and Ani. Alex and Ani is a jewelry company that offers eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. This bracelet is very unique and allows me to express my individuality through jewelry. Not only do I love the look of these accessories but the fact that they are affordable is also a plus! Each bangle ranges from about 25 to 35 dollars. However, bangles are not the only pieces that this company has to offer…necklaces, earrings, and rings can also be purchased! Everyone check ’em out at


Ray Bans…my favorite!

I have to say that one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a pair of rose gold Ray Ban Aviators! I have admired these beauties for several months now and am totally in love with the “look”. Let’s face it, wearing sunglasses today is more about looking good than protecting your eyes from UV rays. (At least that’s what we think!) Luckily, my mom is one who always takes health benefits into consideration. It’s nice to know that this company has been working hard to make sure their sunglasses are not only fashionable, but are safe to wear in the sunshine state! With Ray Ban sunglasses, you can be sure you’re getting the degree of UV protection recommended by North American optometrists.


Leggings: how to wear for your body type

What are leggings?
Leggings are tight-fitting undergarments similar to stockings, minus the feet and ultra thin, sheer fabric.They vary in length, texture, style, and pattern. The length of leggings can fall right below the knee, mid-calf, or even go down to the ankles. Most people have a fallacy that leggings are not flattering to the body. However, if they are paired with with the right top, shoes, and accessories, they can be flattering to all body types!

One of the most important rules to remember while dressing yourself in leggings is that they are NOT pants. Because leggings are much thinner than pants, the top that you are pairing with them has to hit the hip or lower. Anything shorter can skew your proportions.However, if a top is too long, your torso will appear longer than your legs… so try your best to find a happy medium.

Leggings are extremely versatile and can be worn in any season! For Spring and Summer, these undergarments can be worn with gladiator sandals or patent leather flats. For Fall and Winter, boots of any kind (I personally recommend Uggs or Steve Madden) look really fashionable!

I find that the best quality leggings can be purchased from American Apparel ( Start off your wardrobe with a simple black pair like these:


Hourglass: In order to accent curves, layer the leggings with a minidress and add a belt around the waist to cinch. This look can be worn with a knee boot, ankle boot, or a chunky high heel. Also, this outfit can be paired with a knit sweater if it’s chilly outside. To get an idea of what this looks like, take a peek at the photo below!


Athletic: Show off your athletic figure by pairing mid calf or full length leggings with a body hugging dress or a mini skirt. Ankle boots or a chunky heel would give just the right height and accentuate the toned calves.


Petite: Appear taller by wearing high-heeled ankle boots with leggings. Overall, this will give your legs an elongated look. Pair this with a mini jumper dress and a knee-length coat!


Plus-size: To create a slimming look, pair leggings with a knit tunic or chunky-knit cardigan (any top that hits below the hip is ideal), ankle boots, a long knit scarf, and a tote bag!


Average: Any one of the looks above would work perfectly! Here are some of my personal favs!



My personal style: During my trip to New York City a few weeks ago, I wore a BCBGENERATION oversized pullover in marled brûlée (similar to burgundy)with a pair of DKNY black leggings and Steve Madden black suede ankle boots with a 2 inch heel to add a little bit of height! To make the outfit a bit more interesting I added a black criss-cross bandeau from LF and wore it under my V-neck BCBGENERATION sweater. To purchase the sweater click the link below!


Beach themed charm bracelet

Just spotted this charm bracelet as I was scrolling through Wanelo. I’m totally in LOVE with it. Click the link below to purchase


Beige wedges

Just found these today and I’m definitely buying them! They look almost identical to the Jimmy Choo wedges that I have seen. The only difference is that
1. They are less expensive
2. In my opinion these are even cuter because the straps are a little thinner


Starfish earrings

Obsessed with these starfish earrings! I would recommend checking out this website for more cute jewelry!


Bow and polka dot bikini

I would definitely buy this bikini!


Nude Lacey heels

A month after posting this pic to my Instagram, I was able to find a website to purchase them. I know you all asked where to get them from so I hope this comes in handy!:)