Beige wedges

Just found these today and I’m definitely buying them! They look almost identical to the Jimmy Choo wedges that I have seen. The only difference is that
1. They are less expensive
2. In my opinion these are even cuter because the straps are a little thinner


Nude Lacey heels

A month after posting this pic to my Instagram, I was able to find a website to purchase them. I know you all asked where to get them from so I hope this comes in handy!:)


Lacey light blue heels

Most of the time I hate having to wear heels because they hurt my feet. I decided to give these a try and surprisingly they were extremely comfortable. Also, I’m obsessed with the color and the fact that it has a bow on the front! Click on the link below to purchase–Lace-Heels.html?img=1017124