Spring Swimwear 2014

As Spring is approaching, I have been on a look out for an extremely cute bikini to wear! Swimsuits can sometimes be a tricky thing to find not only because it’s important to get one that’s flattering, but also because there are so many beautiful and unique designs that it’s hard to pick which one to buy. However, as I have been researching the top bathing suit trends, I have been able to narrow down my choices to a few designs. Here they are:

Crochet bathing suits were very popular about 30 years ago but have made an immense comeback for Spring of 2014! Not only do I love the fact that these create a bohemian look but they also add intricate detail, making your swimwear look unique and elegant. In my opinion the cutest crochet suits are made by Free People (freepeople.com), Lucky Brand (lucky brand.com), Threadsence (threadsence.com), and Anna Kosturova (annakosturova.com).





Anything bustier is considered trendy for 2014! Because bustiers are made to show off cleavage, it is extremely important to not reveal too much. Bustiers, if showing a lot of cleavage, can tend to look cheap and trashy. So, if you do decide to purchase this trend, make sure it is still classy looking.
This season, the most popular cut of bustier bikini tops are those cut a bit longer in the torso, similar to a crop top. A longer bustier is more figure flattering because it cinches in the waist and is also very versatile. These tops can be worn with anything ranging from a cute pair of denim shorts to a mini skirt. Below, I have selected the most gorgeous and flattering bustier swimwear. If you fell in love with this trend, make sure to check out the following websites: asos.com, revolveclothing.com, Macy’s.com, swell.com, marahoffman.com, seafolly.com.




The fringe bikini look is one of the most popular trends for spring of 2014. L*Space Swimwear, the company that made this fashion trend so hot, is introducing new prints, colors, and designs this season!





Anything Flattering
Just like it’s always been, finding a suit that’s flattering to the figure is number one. This may seem like a hard task to some but with the tips I’m about to give you will be guided to the perfect suit for your figure! The key is to play up your assets and play down your weaknesses.

Pear body shape:
Because your lower body is wider than your upper body, pick a suit that emphasizes your waist and arms, adds volume to your shoulders and upper body, and minimizes your hips. In order to achieve this look, wear a suit that features a ruffled top. Ruffles help to add volume to the bust making it look visually larger. In effect, your body will look in proportion. For a cute selection of ruffle tops check out L*Space Swimwear!

Top Heavy:
If you happen to be top heavy, choose a suit that draws the attention away from the chest. Avoid wearing tops that draw attention to your top half such as ruffles, bustiers, plunging V-necks, or padding of any type. Instead, try to accentuate your bottom half by choosing a ruffled bottom (NOT A TOP!). Again, ruffles make things look visually bigger and will will balance out your chest with your bottom. For support, try a halter top because it offers more support.

Short Legs:
Unfortunately, I have this issue with my body. However, because I experience this myself, over the years I have learned how to make my torso appear in proportion with my legs. I suggest wearing a printed bikini top with a block colored bottom. This helps to draw the attention upwards rather than at the legs. Be sure to choose high cut bikini bottoms to elongate the legs!

If you want to accentuate curves, lean towards a ruffled or bustier suit! Either of these suits will give you just the right amount of cleavage while also adding attention to the hips.

Bow and polka dot bikini

I would definitely buy this bikini! http://www.etsy.com/listing/125795282/sunshine-bow-bandeau-bikini-style-top


4th of July bikini

Want this cute bikini for the Fourth of July? Click on the link and purchase it for only $29! https://www.artfire.com/ext/RapidCart/preview/7076440