Nude Lacey heels

A month after posting this pic to my Instagram, I was able to find a website to purchase them. I know you all asked where to get them from so I hope this comes in handy!:)



Mac lipstick

I discovered the MAC counter a little over a year ago and I became completely obsessed. Not only did this brand have me hooked at the lipsticks but also on the eyeliner colors. The color green eyeliner that I wear from MAC cannot be found anywhere else. I spent about a year trying out different eyeliner colors and with my light brown eyes I was always in search of the perfect shade of green, not too dark and not too bright. When the lady at the counter gave me the Jade way color to try, I did not want to buy my makeup from any other brand but Mac. Check out the link below to purchase Mac lipsticks and my favorite eyeliner!


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